Hi, I'm Rin! :D

I'm a college student studying Computer Science ~somewhere~ in the American Midwest. It's my dream to become a frontend developer!

My fandoms are Vocaloid, Love Live, Project Sekai, Mo Dao Zu Shi, and Heaven's Official Blessing

My other intrests are history, fashion, cooking, and gaming

My favorite things in this world are my cats, tieguanyin oolong tea, and overusing emoticons. :D

About This Site

The You chibi's a button! Just click her to stop the music.

Mind the strikethroughs please! D: I'm in the middle of a site revamp. Any links with a strikethrough or this icon () are under construction. Feel free to explore the site in the meantime! :D

Not everything is linked! If I'm working on a project, it won't be linked until it's completed. Try and explore, you might find a secret.

Update Log

6/2/23 I made some code that displays birthday balloons on a page! I made to to use on webshrines but I also have it on my index for my birthday. See it in action here!

5/12/23 I added a metric fucktonne of blinkies and stamps to my gif collection!

4/15/23 I still had some messed up CSS. Also working on some secret projects. 📝🦀

4/13/23 Me and my Big Brain™ managed to break the CSS for my main page. It should be fixed now.

4/12/23 I made a webring for websites that have cooking content! You're welcome to join!

4/5/23 I revamped my home page! You are here! Hi! :D


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