Hi, I'm Rin! :D

I'm a college student studying Computer Science ~somewhere~ in the American Midwest. It's my dream to become a frontend developer!

My fandoms are Vocaloid, Love Live, Project Sekai, Mo Dao Zu Shi, and Heaven's Official Blessing

My other intrests are history, fashion, cooking, and gaming

My favorite things in this world are my cats, tieguanyin oolong tea, and overusing emoticons. :D

About This Site

Having trouble seeing all the sidebars? I am too, don't worry. I'm working on making them all move with the main section but it's taking more time than I'd like. In the meantime, please try using f11 to go into fullscreen mode.

Mind the strikethroughs please! D: I'm in the middle of a site revamp. Any links with a strikethrough or this icon () are under construction. Feel free to explore the site in the meantime! :D

Not everything is linked! If I'm working on a project, it won't be linked until it's completed. Try and explore, you might find a secret.

[FLASH WARNING] I made myself a Site Manifesto! Super short and sweet, I'll save my 50k word disertation for another time.

Update Log

2/9/24 Finally finished adding the last of the graphics I got back in August. Sorry for the wait, January just sapped all my energy away from me. I did complete the first of free code camp's certificates during my break, so there's that at least :>

12/25/23 Happy Holidays! I made a Mini Wataru Adoptable for the 2023 SpaceHey Secret Santa! :D

11/15/23 Added a new work and added ratings to my writings + an explination for my mature works. I'm using the same scale as ao3. Might consider adding it to some of my projects too, we'll see.

11/1/23 Fanagled with my index page. Also I'm trying to find a good way to hunt down old myspace urls, if you know how please shoot me a message somewhere! :D

10/29/23 I got my music to work again! :D! It's a playlist with Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium, Deep Sea Girl, and the Vocaloid Bossa Nova Medley. I hope you all enjoy it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (also I'm working on remaking my hompage so that the sidebars move with the main sections instead of floating in space :3)

10/12/23 I have Motivation™ for once so there's more than one update this month! \(:D)/ I added my interpolation of Chimera and I'm working on some english lyrics for meltdown. I've also linked to the glossary for my web revival guide, so maybe I'll be pressured to actually work on it now. Emphasis on maybe.

10/4/23 I'm working on adding some poems and other writings to the site. Also I actually have stuff about the Church up now. More, uh, eventually...

9/8/23 I realized that a few of my links weren't working because of my birthday code. I should probably change the load order on those...

8/26/23 I refuse to learn from past experiences and continue to collect and horde web graphics like a chronically online crow. I rescued a couple sets of adoptables from geocities. I might go looking for more, especially for older shoujo properties like Fruits Basket or Ouran. I swear I'm not trying to update this site the same day every month. :P

7/27/23 I finally got around to making my link garden! I also added some more gifs to my collection.

6/27/23 I joined the null ring and moved my peach ring link to my recipies page for ease of use. 🍑💾

6/2/23 I made some code that displays birthday balloons on a page! I made to to use on webshrines but I also have it on my index for my birthday. See it in action here!

5/12/23 I added a metric tonne of blinkies and stamps to my gif collection!

4/15/23 I still had some messed up CSS. Also working on some secret projects. 📝🦀

4/13/23 Me and my Big Brain™ managed to break the CSS for my main page. It should be fixed now.

4/12/23 I made a webring for websites that have cooking content! You're welcome to join!

4/5/23 I revamped my home page! You are here! Hi! :D


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