whoever uploaded my site to the internet archive please know I love you you saved stanly I can see my son again ;v;



Rin's Big To-Do List
  • Make cyber theme for code pages
  • dynamic footers?
  • join some more webrings βœ”
  • make a webring? βœ”
  • make a spacehey layout βœ”
  • make an utau?
  • utaitte debut
  • make lanzhu, lucky star, and V2 shrines
  • make jungle/cyber models + MMDMV
  • finish webgarden
  • finish rainbow light forest
  • finish cult.html
  • make a smol version of the site
  • Make an arg (with or without a game dev)
  • Script for turning google docs into html without the styling (so ao3 script++)
  • drag and drop sailor hope background