At the Summit of of the Mount

I weave my blade underneath the Traitor’s skin.

Metatron stares into my soul.

The blade shimmers with the Blood of ancient men, I’ll

Fight like a dog and dance like a mad man!

“Do you mourn the death of humanity?”

Why would I cry, when heaven dares not mourn[a]?

With the foggy, green skies, and the ashen, blackened seas, we’re

Together this evening butting heads!

The seven seals broke and the seven trumpets sound

Hell was razed and the demons flead to earth

Shouts scream out with no end and the blades they spark and fly and dance and

We can’t help but enthrall all who watch the fight.

The fallen angel stares back at me,

Like a little girl finding her first love,

But I know that behind his eyes only lies rage…

At the Summit of of the Mount we

Weave our blades through each other’s skin and souls

Ancient gods fight armies of the damned

Abandoning all that I hold dear to my heart and life

I fight and I dance in a mad frenzy

Lilith’s blood was spilled by Samael

Asherah births the bastards of Ashmedai

“Do you miss the winter’s winds? Do you miss the summer’s sun?”

We’re together this evening butting heads!

Fight and dance with me!

The Pretender stands tall against the Traitor.

Saints and sinners fight side by side with me

A story told until the day the stars fade and die -

Our blades dance to the sound of our heartbeats!

“Do you mourn the death of humanity?

Did you always believe it had to come to this?”

You saw Jerusalem burn, I’ll live to see its birth

And we’ll meet in Eden butting heads once more!

[a]alt. "I mourn the birth of hate and apathy"