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ARPABET guide, mandrin X-SAMPA guide, OpenUTAU, AHS lite synthV banks, dreamtonics lite synthV banks + synthV basic, SynthV/Utau Resources romaji is easy revised romanazation is not pinyin is hell
Latin Resources language resources latin is cool and we need more of it
Humans need not apply (2014) computer-y articles and essays no notes yet
learn HTML+CSS+JS+React, Khan Academy CS code beautifier Development Resources latin is cool and we need more of it
IP Edutanment Videos, General CS Edutanment Videos, AI Edutanment Videos, General Economics Edutanment Videos, General Bussiness Edutanment Videos, General Soft Skills Edutanment Videos, Internet Safety, CyberSecurity fiction and nonfiction books, Misc Computer Stuff IP as in intelectual property, not internet protocol